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So this morning is was lashing down, there was very little wind but it was absolutely bucketing.  So I cancelled my run knowing that this afternoon it was forecast to be dry.  This afternoon arrived and whilst dry there where 15mph cross winds.  Now I hate the wind especially cycling but if I wanted to train today it had to be this afternoon I no longer had a choice.

It was a great wee run which I enjoyed and I’m thankful and a little proud that I pushed myself out the door.  Another point of motivation was the fact that I recently bought a Garmin for tracking my speed, cadence, heart etc.  My mates have been using them and I’ve been impressed by how detailed it lets you get in over viewing your training.  There however presents a new dilemma, which website will I use to record all the stuff.  My two favourites are RunKeeper & Strava but which one will I stick with… who knows???

Changing the subject a little I bought new brake pads this morning.  I decided as a hefty bloke I could use all the stopping power I can get my hands on and so I bought Swissstops.  I’ll review them soon and let you know how I get on with them…

*It would appear that WordPress doesn’t support iFrame links other wise I’d publish my recent rides through Strava etc… Time to change blog provider?? Surely not again… 😦

Winters a coming…

Winter is approaching and the time to get your bike ready for it is here!  The first thing I’ve bought for my new bike is a new set of winter tyres.  Being a fan of Cycling Plus and bikeradar.com I’ve read a review or two on winter tyres and one that consistently got favourably mentioned was the Michelin Krylion Carbon.

Expensive to be fair but given were I live and the fact that the car gets regular punctures never mind anything else I thought it best to buy as bullet-proof as I can.  I mean who wants to be stranded 15 miles from home in the heavy rain and freezing wind??

As you can see in the photo they arrived in a box big enough to house a family of 4 courtesy of Chain Reaction. Whilst that made me snigger getting them on the bike didn’t, it was a right royal nightmare.  3 tubes later and a set of busted tyre levers the bike stood tall showing off her new hardware.  Would the tyres be as good as reported?

Yesterday I took the bike out for a quick 30 miles and I was amazed.  I went for 700 x 25’s, a bigger tyre than the factory fitted ones but in theory should be provide more grip and comfort and when it comes to winter I’ll take all the comfort and grip I can get.  I was expecting the bike to be a little less responsive as a result of slightly heavier and fatter tyres but I’m glad to report that I was wrong, way wrong. The bike is a lot more positive to power whilst providing a definite increase in comfort and confidence.  I’m certainly very happy with this purchase and have no hesitation in recommending them to you!

Just put them on with patience 😉

8 Old Lads in Lycra…

So this morning before dawn I headed down of the mountain and into the big smoke called Belfast.  The rain was heavy and the roads were flooding. It was 7am and having been on the road for 40 minutes the time for me to meet up with my cycling buddies was fast approaching. According to the plan three of us were going to meet up for a gentle ride as two of our number including myself had fitness concerns due to recent chest colds etc. The rain continued to pelt down as the spray from the car in front frosted my windscreen and my destination drew closer.  In the darkness of my car the phone broke the silence and number 1 of the group suggested that the weather was against us and the best option was to stay indoors.  Sleep was heavy in his voice and it wasn’t too hard to guess where he was going as soon as he hung the phone up.  Having spent 45 minutes in the car I was keen to do something and so I put the pressure on the other member to at least provide a cup of tea and a place to watch the rugby (England vs. Scotland) He only to quickly agreed to the suggestion meaning he too could avoid the weather and a cracker time was had by all.  It was great having a few laughs with him and his family whilst munching on a few bacon sarnies, the catch up was long overdue.

However on the way home I seen a sight that taught me a lesson.  It was 8 old lads in Lycra on their bikes in the rain and cover from head to foot with smiles & laughter.  Old boys in Lycra have such a lot to teach the world.  They know how to live the dream and they don’t let anything get in the way!!  They don’t care what you think they look like and they don’t let the weather or time of the year get in the way of their enjoyment.  I hope I can grow up to be one, here’s to the rebels in Lycra!