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For the past 6 to 12 months I’ve not been cycling or exercising as I should.  I’ve literally gone from one injury to another whilst the weight has been piling back on.  The irony being that I’m sure the injuries are the bi-product of being very overweight for years and yet to lose the weight I need to exercise with which being injured makes it a struggle.

Cycling is my first love and my previous blog was full of the journey I made from just playing about on a mountain bike and doing infrequent and small mileage to buying a road bike and doing 50 – 70 miles a week.  Alas but my weight yo-yo’d throughout that period and has continued to this very day.

I’m back to 20 stone and I’m keen to get down to 14 or so.  I have a number of close friends who similarly enjoy their cycling and the last few weeks have seen me going back out with them.  Nothing serious but enough to rewet the appetite.  I’ve also been watching “The Biggest Loser” on channel Pick.  It’s the American series but to be fair I find their version FAR superior to the British one.  They provide a great source of inspiration and this has also served to rewet my appetite for getting back in shape.

So without further to do I’m announcing that I’m back in the land of blog to record the next phase of the weight loss/cycling journey.  Complimenting this will hopefully be other points of interest like dogs, hill walking and fishing. We’ll see…

Who’s up for journeying with me?

2009 – the year blogging died?

I used to have around 20 mates who regularly blogged but this all stopped and as I look through their sites today it seems to have been somewhere in 2009.  Are we less reflective?  Are we better off now that we don’t take the time to put our thoughts under the microscope?  Blogging was never about the same thing, everyone had different motives & operated at differing levels. The spectrum was as wide as some people using it to figure out their theology whilst others simply recorded their daily adventures.  Some used it to focus on a personal challenge like weight loss whilst others to record their travels.  I miss blogging and the opportunity to reflect and read reflection.  Has Facebook/Twitter a lot to answer for?