Summer brings to our house copious amounts of activity, chaos and emotional upheaval.  It’s intense and it can pull you inside out and out side in. September comes and you can feel like you’re in such a spin only superman could have experienced it.  So two weeks into September & its time to put the pieces back and restructure. I’m a lover of lists and the creation thereof, here is another…

  1. To return order & focus back into my life
  2. To get back to a regular rhythm of prayer & devotion.
  3. To have found over 100 geocaches.
  4. To have thought through what I’m doing with counselling.
  5. To get as close to 17 stone as I can.
  6. To return to training three to four times a week including regularly
    attending spin classes & training outside on my bike & hill walking.
  7. To get the back garden into a respectable shape.
  8. To have the domestic administration once & for all
  9. To get the garage fit for purpose.
  10. To get a new boiler fitted to the house.